Japan New Year Adviser℠ Exam [Beginner level] 2023edition

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ScheduleUntil October 31, 2023
Examination FormatComputer-Based Testing (CBT)
(Requires the use of the examinee’s own device)
Time Limit120 minutes
(If the examination time expires, the answers will be automatically submitted.)
Fees– Attempting the certification examination is free of charge.
– Certificate issuance is a paid service.
Number of QuestionsTotal of 20 questions
Question FormatMultiple-choice questions (3 options)
Passing CriteriaTo pass, you need to answer at least 70% of the questions correctly (14 out of 20).
Examination Scope‐ General knowledge of Japanese customs during the New Year season
– Overview of folklore studies
Target AudienceIn the Japanese version, it is targeted towards 3rd grade elementary school students (age 8 – 9) and above.
System Requirements– Use a PC or smart device with a supported browser.
– Please note that operation on all devices is not guaranteed.
– It is recommended to update to the latest environment before taking the examination.
– Confirmed to operate on PC with Windows 11.
– Confirmed to operate on smart devices with iPhone 11.
– Please report any malfunctions through the Japan Shogatsu Association’s inquiry form.
(When reporting, attaching a screenshot of the issue will facilitate the support process.)
NoteA maximum of five attempts are allowed per account.

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Certificate Issuance Service

  • The issuance of the certificate of completion is a paid service.
  • “正月アドバイザー (Japan New Year Adviser℠) ” is a registered trademark in Japan. Prior permission is required to use the servicemark. Please consult with us separately regarding business expansion overseas. Japanese individuals can also take the exam, but permission is also required for the use of the servicemark.
  • It takes about a month to receive the certificate by mail. Depending on the shipping method and your location, it could take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive, so please make sure to take the exam with plenty of time. The certificate is guaranteed for one year after it is issued. For more information, please refer to the association’s privacy policy.
  • We do not offer reissuance of the certificate of completion. If you need it again due to loss or other reasons, please reattempt the exam in a new opportunity and obtain a new certificate of completion.


Q: Is it okay to look up answers for exam questions that I don’t know on the internet or in books? Can I ask my parents for the answers?

A: That’s perfectly fine. The primary purpose of the New Year Adviser Exam (Beginner Level) is to generate interest in Japanese New Year’s culture. Aim to pass the exam first and try various approaches to enhance your understanding.

Q: Will this exam be useful for employment or business purposes?

A: It depends. The Beginner Level of this exam covers general knowledge about Japanese culture, which can demonstrate your familiarity with common Japanese customs. It also indicates a strong interest in traditional Japanese culture. However, it is not sufficient as proof of specialized skills in Japanese culture.

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